Claudio Cintoli

CLAUDIO CINTOLI Immaginazione senza limiti. 1962 - 1972

The Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi Foundation presents the solo exhibition of the Marches artist Claudio Cintoli (1935-1978) curated by Daniela Ferraria and Ludovico Pratesi.

The exhibition specifically analyzes the artist's pictorial production, and in particular some unpublished or little-known paintings such as Speed Echipse (1966), The Voice of the Grass (1966) or Flamingos (1966-67) from private collections.

These are large works with subjects taken from advertising and executed in a style close to Pop Art, which we also find in the 13 collages of the early 1960s on display in Jesi, to which critics have not yet given the weight they deserve. .