Alice Schivardi

Alice Schivardi Ero figlia unica

On October 10th, 2015 at 6.30pm, it was inaugurated at the Pescheria Visual Arts Center in Pesaro. I was the only child, the first solo exhibition in an Italian public institution by the artist Alice Schivardi (Erba, 1976), on the occasion of the Contemporary Day promoted from Amaci.

Curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Paola Ugolini, the exhibition is dedicated to the investigation of the delicate plot of family relationships, which the artist has been conducting for several years.
Schivardi's project proposes a reflection on the nature of the family in today's society, through a comparison between different families by ethnicity, social class and religion. With each of them the artist started a relationship, which led her to be accepted as a component of the family unit. An acceptance sanctioned through a photographic shot, where Alice was dressed and made up by the members of the family who turned her into one of them.

The process of relationship and mimesis with all these different realities is the leitmotif of the project that sees the artist transform from time to time according to the family group that welcomes it. Every family is a world unto itself made of traditions, idioms, dialects and faiths and it is amazing to see how the artist manages to enter the relational fabric of the family in a totally empathetic way.

The starting point of Alice Schivardi's research is always the reality and the human material that is her personal history, her meetings, her relationships, told and interpreted through different mediums such as photography, embroidery, video and audio.
The artistic practice of Alice Schivardi is an evolution of the Relational Art, theorized by Nicolas Bourriaud, as it examines not only the History and the Stories of the people he meets but tries to observe, understand and work on different points of view, the different values ​​with which individuals consider their own world.

The exhibition occupies the entire exhibition space of the Pescheria, and is conceived as a sort of path within the project, which begins on the main wall of the Loggiato, with a series of embroidery designs that make up a mapping of the emotions experienced by the artist on the occasion of the meetings he had with the various families. In the former church of Suffrage, where Alice Schivardi presents a gallery of about twenty photographic portraits of different sizes and formats according to the different cultural and identity backgrounds of the families.

On the occasion of the exhibition will be published a catalog, published by Silvana Editoriale, with an unpublished text by Roberto Saviano, the texts of the curators and an interview with the artist. The catalog will be presented in November.

With the precious support of the Bibo's Place cultural association.

Biographical notes
Born in Erba in 1976, after graduating from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she moved to Rome. She currently lives and works in Rome and New York. Among her most recent exhibitions, her personal Wormholes at the Museum of Los Sures in collaboration with ISCP in New York (USA) in 2014 and Equation One press the gallery The Gallery Apart in Rome in 2012. He participated in group exhibitions at the American Academy in Rome (2008), at the Trinci Palace in Foligno (2014) and to the church of the Annunciata in Pesaro (2013).