Flavio Scollo, Mohamed Keita

Flavio Scollo e Mohamed Keita DA ROMA A BAINI E RITORNO - Un itinerario per immagini

In the framework of FotoGrafia 2016, on 11 October at 11.30, in the Cinecittà Due Arte Contemporanea space, the exhibition Da Rome a Baini e ritorno, curated by Ludovico Pratesi, will be inaugurated, presenting 70 works by the two young photographers Flavio Scollo (1984) and Mohamed Keita (1993): an itinerary for images from Rome to the community of shepherds of Baini, the Sardinian denomination of Villaverde (Oristano).

The images of Scollo make up an intense and vibrant portrait of a semi-abandoned locality that for centuries lived from pastoralism and cattle breeding, in one of the most remote areas of Sardinia. The goal captures the resigned looks of the last inhabitants-both men and animals-along with fragments of landscapes but distorted but strongly suggestive, reports the suspended atmosphere of a center that starts the sad fate of non-places, to quote Marc Augè .

The gaze of the young Ivorian Mohamed Keita instead turns to Rome, caught through a shrewd and ironic eye as can be that of the immigrant, who nourishes for the new homeland a critically ambiguous attitude. From the suburbs to the historic center, the eternal city seen by Keita is a place of strong contradictions, enhanced by images that oscillate between poverty and splendor, as if to reveal, without any complacency, the dark side of the Great Beauty.
On the occasion of the exhibition a pocket catalog was produced, distributed free of charge to visitors.