Song Lu

Lu Song Interni Romani Mattatoio Roma

Mattatoio, Padiglione 9A, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4 - Roma  From October 31, 2018 to January 6, 2019  Press previews: October 30, from 11am to 1pm  Opening: October 30, from 6.30pm
Curated by Ludovico Pratesi
The pavilion 9A of the Mattatoio, will host the first museum exhibition in Europe by the Chinese painter Lu Song (Beijing, 1982), curated by Ludovico Pratesi. The exhibition is promoted by Roma Capitale – Assessorato alla Crescita culturale e Azienda Speciale Palaexpo. Lu Song’s works are figurative canvases that are inspired by an observant and poignant analysis of European art history, focusing in particular on the notion of landscape that the artist transforms into evocative sceneries, blending the surreal and the fantastic with the factual and logical. The large-scale canvases in the exhibition are almost homage to German romanticism and the works of great masters of the time such as Caspar David Friedrich and Arnold Bocklin – whom lived in Rome and interpreted the world of ancient roman classicism with a hint of demure and nostalgic northern soul.   Lu Song connects with this practice and presents at the Mattatoio a series of recent paintings alongside works designed especially for this exhibition. The paintings, which are dedicated to Rome, have metallic and bronzelike tonalities that create an immersive environment that allow the viewer to be dazed by the atmosphere of the show, where tradition and contemporary, past and present are combined together through figurative yet surreal painted ambiances. In works such as Offsprings, The Jungle, Chord or Castaways a juxtaposition of undefined chiaroscuro images and architectural structures and human figures enhance the sense of mystery of the artists’ oeuvre. 
As put by the curator Ludovico Pratesi: “ The universe of Lu Song is constructed by the careful eye of a Chinese artist who observers and interprets the West. In the Mattatoio this perspective becomes a bridge between different cultures and highlights the multicultural vocation of Rome, which the artist interprets with sophisticated awareness.”
Lu Song (1982, Beijing, China) is an artist based in Beijing. Graduated in 2006 from the Wimbledon College of Art London, he has exhibited all over the world since then with solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Berlin, Sidney, Beijing with an important retrospective titled Flow at the OCAT Museum in Xi’an, China. Group exhibitions include: Ulysses’s Gaze – the Return of Painterliness and Soulful Contemplation, Ginkgo Art Center, Beijing (2016); China Arte Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2014); Das Ich im Anderen, Mercator Foundation, Essen (2014). His work is included in prominent collections such as the K11 Art Foundation in Hong Kong, the Akagawa Collection in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the Bronner/Philara Collection in Düsseldorf, Germany